(Some information are out of date. See below for updates.)

I am a Bangladeshi student, currently doing part II in mathematics at Queens’ College, Cambridge. The posts in this blog will be mostly about the random mathematical thoughts that pop up in my mind. Sometimes I might post about my thoughts on religions. (I am very interested in comparative religion too.) Maths and religion: weird combination. Well, maybe not that weird. Ramanujan did say after all,

“An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God.”



15 responses to “About

  1. Welcome to WordPress,dost :)

  2. আপনার কেমব্রিজের পরে প্লান কি?

  3. I’d love to! But it won’t be easy, so I’ll be trying for USA (and elsewhere) at the same time. And thank you for following my posts. A couple are in progress, I’ll try to finish them soon.

  4. Hey Samin! I was checking your blog and decided to look up your name. Apparently you are a math genius! Haha. You even participated the international olympiad (which is my goal). I would really like to talk to you privately. If that is possible, please send me an email at: muriloogps@hotmail.com

  5. neel

    hey samin what did you do after BA in mathematics at Cambridge

  6. neel

    hey samin
    what did you do after BA in maths at Cambridge

  7. Neel

    Which courses did you take at Cambridge

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