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Emmy Noether

I rarely pay tribute to people, but this will be an exception.

I first came to know about Emmy Noether back in 2009 when, like many others at my level in formal education, I became very interested in physics. (Although as time went by I soon realised that mathematics, more precisely pure mathematics, was in fact where the “complete picture” lay; but that’s a different story.) I was trying to solve a problem using conservation of energy. Eventually I stumbled upon her wikipedia page from articles on conservation laws (cf. Noether’s theorem).

Later on, in my second undergraduate year I learned about rings and modules, when the term “noetherian” came up. It was merely a brief introduction. Recently I took an introductory course on commutative algebra, and her name was so ubiquitous throughout the course that there probably wasn’t a single lecture in which she wasn’t referred to. So I grew an urge to know more about her. As I read more and more about her I developed an immense respect toward this woman.

Some quotes by famous mathematicians about Noether: (excerpted from wikipedia)

  • “Absolute beyond comparison.” – Van der Waerden, regarding her mathematical abilities
  • “Changed the face of algebra by her work.” – Weyl
  • “Revolutionary.” – Kaplansky, regarding her idea of the ascending chain condition
  • “The greatest woman mathematician of all time.” – Alexandrov
  • “The development of abstract algebra, which is one of the most distinctive innovations of twentieth century mathematics, is largely due to her – in published papers, in lectures, and in personal influence on her contemporaries.” – Jacobson
  • “Miss Noether is… the greatest woman mathematician who has ever lived; and the greatest woman scientist of any sort now living, and a scholar at least on the plane of Madame Curie.” – Norbert Wiener

If you love to read and have some time, I suggest going through her wikipedia page. It’s such a powerful story that I believe you won’t want to stop until you’ve read the entire article.

A belated happy birthday, Emmy Noether!


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New blog

So I’m starting my new blog here. The posts will be mostly about my mathematical findings. I’m also thinking of posting about my thoughts on religions sometimes (I am very interested in religions; I even considered switching to theology from maths!). Maths and religion: weird combination. Well, maybe not that weird. Ramanujan did say after all,

“An equation for me has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God.”


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